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Measuring & Delivery

Measuring up for furniture

When you've decided on a new piece of furniture and you want to be sure that it fits, we would suggest that you mark out the area with masking tape. A sofa will often appear smaller than you think until it arrives at your living room door!

Please make sure you measure correctly before ordering any furniture. Don't forget any staircases, doorways or any tight spaces which the piece will have to go through. 

Our furniture measurements are only an approximation and may differ by a few cm from published dimensions.

It is your responsibility to measure both the access and final resting space of your piece of furniture. Should we deliver an item and find it will not fit due to lack of measuring, we might have to charge a collection fee. Sadly our team cannot deliver through windows or winch items as we do not have the equipment or insurance to do so.


Finally, despite the fact that our delivery guys are very strong they are generally very busy and much as they'd like to help you change the layout of your home they simply don't have the time. Because they are such friendly fellas they find it difficult to say no so we would ask you ever so gently not to ask them - many thanks.