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Mattresses so magnificent they grace the top hotels in the Middle East. Pocket-sprung ones, memory foam-filled orthopaedic ones, pillow top ones, we literally have mattresses for all shapes and sizes. 

  • Riviera mattress

    Memory foam, latex, pocket-sprung & truly delightful - it's like floating on a cloud - 7 Year


    4,250 QAR
  • West End mattress

    Pocket-sprung, with a luxurious 'pillow-top' - extremely comfortable and our most popular m


    2,120 QAR
  • Celeste mattress

    An excellent pocket-sprung, 5 star hotel quality mattress - 7 Year Warranty


    1,375 QAR
  • Supreme mattress

    A deep medium-firm coil-sprung cracker. Perfect for guest rooms and older children.


    1,090 QAR
  • Oasis mattress

    A great value medium-firm, coil-sprung, standard guest bedroom mattress.


    605 QAR
  • Premium mattress

    Our new range of mattresses brings this medium-firm coil-sprung with an amazing value and 5 years


    700 QAR
  • Deluxe mattress

    The top of our new range, an incredible value without compromising on quality or comfort - 5 year


    800 QAR