Hi One and All,
After 9 years of trading in Qatar we have been forced to close the doors
of this great little company until new life is breathed into Qatar. 
To our hugely loyal customers from all over the globe who ended up here - an enormous and heartfelt thank you.
To Qatar...'Over and Out'. 


Our fantastic range of beautiful sofas. Fantastically well-made and comfy sofas at great prices.

  • Chloë sofas

    Deliciously British, the Chloë is our all-time favourite classic design.


    4,750 QAR
  • Brigitte sofas

    Our very own Parisienne chaise longue. Chic and dangerously seductive...


    4,950 QAR
  • Olivia sofas

    Kick-pleats, floppably deep and oh so comfy. A truly snugglicious family sofa.


    4,250 QAR
  • Isabel sofas

    With curved arms and loose cushions the Isabel is a contemporary beauty but with classic lines.


    5,250 QAR
  • Grace sofas

    Elegance and Snuggle-ability! What a great combination.


    5,950 QAR
  • Scarlett sofas

    Contemporary lines and highly versatile. One of our all-time best-sellers.


    4,350 QAR
  • Lucy sofas

    Over-sized, deliciously deep and comfy, you'll be friends with Lucy for years to come!


    5,650 QAR
  • Sophia sofas

    The most sophisticated sofa this side of the Sahara.


    4,850 QAR
  • Lola sofas

    Effortlessly elegant, she's the prettiest little thing on four legs.


    5,050 QAR