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Mattresses so magnificent they grace the top hotels in the Middle East. Pocket-sprung ones, memory foam-filled orthopaedic ones, pillow top ones, we literally have mattresses for all shapes and sizes. 

  • Riviera mattress

    Memory foam, latex, pocket-sprung & truly delightful - it's like floating on a cloud - 7 Year


    4,250 QAR
  • Insignia mattress

    As seen in ‘The Address Hotel’ The Insignia is firm and flabbergastingly comfy.


    2,100 QAR
  • Crescent mattress

    A pocket-sprung beauty, our Crescent mattress gives hundreds of folks nights of happy dreams


    2,550 QAR
  • Grosvenor mattress

    This slim-line little beauty is slept on by guests of the Grosvenor Hotel every night of the year


    2,970 QAR
  • Essence mattress

    So soft and comfy  it’s like snuggling into a meadow of marshmallows!


    3,900 QAR
  • Heavenly mattress

    A memory foam pillow-top on top of hundreds of pocket springs,


    4,650 QAR
  • Impressions mattress

    Our personal favourite and perfect for those of us who suffer from allergies.


    4,485 QAR
  • Sensous mattress

    A magical memory-foam marvel our Sensuous is so clever she even remembers how you lie!


    5,460 QAR
  • Splendour mattress

    Our Splendour really is a fabulous mattress: latex comfort laid on hundreds of beautifully balanc


    5,370 QAR